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You are here for a reason, regardless of your sport, regardless of the level you play at, you are here because you want to be the best you can be. Mental skills are a key factor in that performance equation.

I will provide you with the simple but effective Red2Blue© framework to develop the mental skills you need, so you can perform when it counts most. This framework has been used by elite performers with proven results over the past 20 years which includes the New Zealand All Blacks.

Step 1

Understanding – Who you are, the environment you operate in, where you want to go

Step 2

Interactive Session – provide information, model, tools, and techniques

Step 3

Create Bespoke Plan – Review & Action plan

Step 4

Monitor – Practice, Practice, Practice

Step 5

Modify – What’s working, what needs adjustment

Living in the past, that’s your ego. Living in the future, that’s your pride. Living in the moment, that’s humility. That’s being humble.

Giannis Antetokoumnpo

My Background

Sport has been ingrained in my life from an early age, my parents obviously wanted to burn me out, so they threw me into everything, from swimming, to football, to rugby to athletics. The fun aspect certainly hooked me, the social environment was a bonus and for some reason or another I enjoyed the grind.

I was decent at sports, on the good days there was nothing better, endorphins were kicking, great banter in the changing rooms, I couldn’t get enough of it.

With the good days, also come the tough days. The injuries, the loses, the scrutiny, the expectations. The higher the level, the greater the competition, the greater the pressure. On reflection, during my early years and my late teens my relationships with pressure was unhealthy. Sometimes I went into my shell, other times I would ruminate for days, in essence I would hold myself back from delivering what I was capable of on a consistent basis. My structures and my skills were good, but my mental gym was missing.

Many years later I know that if I want to perform at my best the mental factor is a key component to the performance triangle.

I am passionate about helping athletes of all levels to unlock their potential in the critical moments while enjoying what they do.

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Coaching Credentials

EMCC Global Coaching Accreditation
Red2Blue Coach Certification
PGDip Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology
15 Years Corporate & Leadership Experience
Grit Virtual Coach (Volunteering)
SME Business Owner & Founder
Daddy Day-care Certified😊

Red2Blue coach certification

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