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“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.”

Jeff Duntemann

Coaching is a Powerful Tool

I have been fortunate to have had powerful coaching conversations early in my career, a confidential space where someone is actively listening to you, understands where you are and where you want to go. Coaching can accelerate your journey, access and build upon the resources, knowledge, and skills you already possess.

Imagine having a non-judgmental conversation with thought provoking questions, engaged through a creative process that empowers you to be at your best.

Life Coaching

Are you looking to:
1. Enhance your wellbeing
2. Strike a work/life balance
3. Tackle self-limiting beliefs
4. Achieve your goals
Life Coaching

Work Coaching

Are you looking to:
1. Transform your career
2. Accelerate your development
3. Create a work-Life balance
4. Find that next level of performance
Work Coaching

Sports Coaching

Are you looking to:
1. Taking your game to the next level
2. Perform better under pressure
3. Enjoy the process
Sports Coaching

Customer Testimonials

Ramona, Business Administrator, London I came at a crossroads in my career and I was completely lost which direction to choose when I met Michael and had the opportunity to have a few coaching sessions with him. His approach in coaching is very unique and accessible. His questions are thought-provoking and helped me to identify which path could give me more happiness and satisfaction. He provided hands-on activities and useful interventions to have a greater understanding of my values and motivation. He is an amazing coach and I highly recommend him to anyone in need.
Sergio, Special Needs Teacher, London Michael has been my coach for several sessions. I have found him to be a very good listener, empathic and positive. Talking to him has helped me to have a good insight and clarity over my dilemmas. Michael is very inspirational, and his powerful questions and understanding have encouraged me to achieve my goals. Thank you, Michael.
Nerida, International School teacher, Hong Kong Michael's coaching enabled me to take clear steps forward in my career and study goal setting. These sessions gave me the confidence to pursue my goals and allowed me to find a way to balance my personal and professional aims. Michael's ability to listen, question and facilitate a relaxed but purposeful session each week were the keys to my success. Michael has a natural gift for working with strengths which empowered me and each week I left feeling very positive with a clear plan of my next steps. I would highly recommend Michael's coaching sessions and I will continue to utilise these in the future.
Nandor, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Barcelona I turned to Michael for coaching sessions as I have been out of job for a while and felt stuck in my professional life. I left the first session already very motivated and I felt heard and understood. He always asked me the right questions to help me identify what I am really passionate about and to take actions on how to continue.

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Coaching Credentials

EMCC Global Coaching Accreditation
Red2Blue Coach Certification
PGDip Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology
15 Years Corporate & Leadership Experience
Grit Virtual Coach (Volunteering)
SME Business Owner & Founder
Daddy Day-care Certified😊

Red2Blue coach certification

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